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Shenzhen Huaruntong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in power transformer and distribution intelligent monitoring and electric equipment power-saving and energy-saving system engineering.

The company integrates design, manufacture, sale and technical service and has established a good production, study and research technical cooperation platform with China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI), China University of Petroleum (CUP), Electric Power Engineering College of Hunan University and other scientific research institutes. The dynamic reactive compensation equipment, electric harmonic monitor and reactive compensation equipment and electromagnetic heating intelligent power saving devices developed by our company through professional high-technology talent advantage and guidance of electric monitoring and electric power-saving and energy-saving market are in domestic leading technology and international advanced level. These products have high popularity in China electric power intelligent monitoring harmonic management and reactive compensation industry product brand and were selected as recommend products for urban and rural power grid intelligent monitoring and reactive compensation harmonic control by China Southern Power Grid, Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, Guangxi Power Grid Corporation, Hainan Power Grid Corporation and other national power supply companies.

The company has RVC reactive compensation controllers, RVT power distribution comprehensive measurement and control instruments, electromagnetic heating intelligent control system core technology and proprietary intellectual property rights.

Our controllers firstly passed the Americas UL Certification in the Asian-Pacific Region.
With concerted efforts of all employees, the company has built a mature and efficient team. The company has built a wide development platform in electric power intelligent monitoring and electric equipment energy-saving and environmental fields and stably develops towards sustainable development mode.





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