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Harmonic Suppression and Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation systems engineering
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 TFC Dynamic Filter Compensation and Intelligent Active Filter System
As modern technology rapidly develops, a large number of power electronic nonlinear load devices are applied to power grids, bringing large amount of fast-changing harmonics, which severely interfere the normal operation of power grids and resulting in frequent failure of electrical equipment, even burning power transmission and transportation equipment. Reactive compensation devices and filtering devices are unable to meet the demand of current power quality.
Shenzhen Huaruntong Technology Co., Ltd. (HRT for short) has been specialized in dynamic intelligent reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression for 10 years, and has accumulated rich experience. It uses SCR intelligent module technology to combine reactance and capacitor to accomplish intelligent dynamic filtering reactive compensation, plus dynamic active filter device, to inhibit or suppress 3 to 50 harmonics generated in power grids.
 Basic Principle of Dynamic Reactive Compensation Filter
The device is mainly composed of a control terminal, an SCR intergranular module, a capacitor bank, a reactor, etc. The controller takes the loaded real-time reactive power, harmonic current and harmonic voltage as switching physical quantity, and uses advanced harmonic algorithm to accomplish signal data acquisition, calculation, and control output within 20ms in order to realize real-time dynamic tracking switching, fast reactive power compensation and filtering.
 Basic Principle of Intelligent Active Filter
Active power filter carries on real-time rapid detection of load current, voltage, harmonics and other data through special current transformers. Through CPU system analysis of the control device and harmonic suppression composition, the GBT device inside the control system controls the inverter to generate a current which is equal in quantity and opposite in direction to that of the load harmonic and is injected into the load power grid to correct and compensate the harmonic generated by load in order to achieve compensation and filtering.
 HRT provides modification works and energy-/power-saving solutions as follows
 Maintenance and modification of power distribution rooms, high-/low-voltage switch cabinets, reactive power compensation cabinets (screens) of factories, office buildings, living quarters and shopping malls.
 Maintenance and energy-saving modification of factory heating equipment:
Injection molding machines, draw benches, film blowing machines, pelletizers.
Heating of oil pipelines, reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression of electrical equipment.
Cable production extruders and switch injection equipment.
Thermoplastic pipes and profile processing equipment.
Food processing ovens and oven heating devices.
Heating equipment of electric heating water and hotspring water.

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