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Maintenance modifications
HRT provides modification works and energy-/power-saving solutions as follows 12
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HRT provides modification works and energy-/power-saving solutions as follows:
1. Maintenance and modification of power distribution rooms, high-/low-voltage switch cabinets, reactive power compensation cabinets (screens) of factories, office buildings, living quarters and shopping malls.

2. Maintenance and energy-saving modification of factory heating equipment:

1) Injection molding machines, draw benches, film blowing machines, pelletizers.

2) Heating of oil pipelines, reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression of electrical equipment.

3) Cable production extruders and switch injection equipment.

4) Thermoplastic pipes and profile processing equipment.

5) Food processing ovens and oven heating devices.

6) Heating equipment of electric heating water and hotspring water.

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