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Electric energy saving-reactive
RVC-Z Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation Controller
Model Number:   RVC-Z
Authentication:   CMA; CNAS
Industrial Standard:   China; IEC; EU
Other:   PFC & PFP
    Product Information
Product introduction

RVC-Zreactive power compensation controller has 3-phase voltage/current sampling function and allows any combination compensation of Y+△. The other basic technical performances are same as RVC. It can output DC 12V to control contactless switch or connect 220V/380V AC contactor to switch capacitor for reactive compensation.The controller is designed with reactive power/current and comprehensive sampling and the most advanced programmable switching mode (1:1:1:1, 1:2:2:3, 1:2:3:4…………), and allows the automatic selection of split phase or 3-phase preference strategy according to the load condition. It offers the best reactive compensation effect in various conditions and environments. RVC series controllers have powerful function and high interference resistance, can operate normally in network environments with a high THD, and have alarm functions such as high harmonic alarm, RS 232/485 communication interface, MOTBUS communication protocol output.

Product model number explanation

Programmable parameters

CT transformation ratio: 100-8000 (automatically adapting to the phase alternation on CT side of network)

COSφ target value: inductive: 0.70-1.00; capacitive: 0.70-1.00

C/K value: 0.01-0.99

Y+△ setting: 12+0; 9+3; 6+6; 3+9

THD: 5-40%

Step delay: 1-120s

Max. output ways: 12

Undervoltage value: 300-380

Overvoltage value: 420-460

Sequence type:1.1.1-1.2.8

Alarm switch: ON/OFF

Alarm and protection functions

Under current alarm and disconnecting step capacitor

Overcurrent alarm

Overvoltage alarm and disconnecting step capacitor

Undervoltage alarm

Low COSФ alarm (lower than COSФ set value when all connected)

Abnormal COSФ alarm

Capacitance lower than 70 % alarm

Alarm at 60℃ and disconnecting step capacitor at 70℃

THD lower than set value alarm and disconnecting step capacitor

Open-phase protection

GE-PF 100V/120V series control schematic diagram

Basic specifications

Operating voltage: 100-440V

Frequency range: 50Hz/60Hz ±5%

Input current: 0-5A

Output voltage: DC 12V or AC 220/380V

Output ways: 12

Power consumption: <15W

Operating temperature: -25℃~+70℃

Relevant humidity: max. 95% without condensation

Memory function: all parameters and modes are stored in nonvolatile memory

Display: current I, voltage U, active power P, reactive power Q

Weight: 1.00kg (excluding package)

Elevation: ≤3500M

Housing dimensions: 144mm×144mm×95mm (L × W × D)

Opening size: 138×138mm (L×W)

Standards for GE-PF 100V/120V series products

GB/T14549-199 Power System Harmonic Management Standard

GB/T15576-1995 The specification of low-voltage reactive power steady compensation equipment

JB/T9663-1999 Low voltage reactive power automatic compensating controller

DL/T597-1996 Low voltage reactive power compensation controller ordering specifications

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