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Electric energy saving-reactive
RVT-Integrated Distribution Monitor
Model Number:   RVT
Authentication:   CE; FCC; CMA; CNAS
Industrial Standard:   China; IEC; EU
Other:   PFC & PFP
    Product Information

I. Product introduction
RVT integrated distribution monitor is a new distribution monitoring device in accordance with GE industrial standard, with digital processor DSP as core, integrating the functions of 3-phase AC simultaneous sampling, data storage, reactive compensation, harmonic analysis and integrated distribution monitoring. It has RS232/485 communication interface, supports GPRS network remote communication, wireless communication data reading and hand held PDA data reading.
II. Basic functions
● Measuring and monitoring
● 3-phase voltage/current/power factor
● Active power/reactive power
● Active electric quantity/reactive electric quantity
● Frequency/harmonic voltage/harmonic current
● Max./min. daily voltage/current
● Power off time/power on time
● Accumulated power off time
● Voltage beyond upper/lower limit/open phase time
● Harmonic analysis to 54 times.
● Data storage period is 6 months.
III. Technical parameters
1. Basic parameters
● Supply voltage: AC 220V±20%
● Supply frequency: 50Hz±5%
● Sampling voltage: AC 220V±20%
● Sampling current: 0-5A
● Device power consumption: 15W
● Zero sequence over limit: 5%-60%, step size 1%
● Factory presetting: 20%
● Output contact: 12 ways, DC 12V/60mA or AC 5A/220V for each
2. Control parameters
● Sensitivity: 100mA
● cospresetting: inductive 0.86; capacitive 0.86
● Factory presetting: inductive 0.96
● Threshold coefficient: 0.01-0.99
● Factory presetting: 0.10
● Switching delay: dynamic: 20-500s; static: 1-80s
● Factory presetting: 60s
● Overvoltage protection: 240-260V, step size 2V
● Factory presetting: 250V
● Undervoltage protection: 180-220V, step size 2V
● Factory presetting: 190V
● Harmonic over limit: 5%-40%, step size 1%
● Factory presetting: 20%
● Zero sequence over limit: 5%-60%, step size 1%
● Factory presetting: 20%
● Output contact: 12 ways, DC 12V/60mA or AC 5A/0.220V for each
3. Measurement accuracy
● Voltage: ±0.5%
● Current: ±0.5%
● Power factor: ±1.0%
● Active power factor: ±1.0%
● Reactive power factor: ±1.0%
● Reactive electrical degree: ±1.0%
IV. Data communication
232 or 485 communication interface
Field or remote communication.
Timed or real-time calling, response preset parameter revise and remote control are available
V. Reactive compensation
Sampling physical quantity is reactive power, without switching oscillation or compensation dead area
Y+ , Y or connection mode.
Y+ combination mode
Y+ connection mode
VI. Screen display
Chinese operator interface
With 128*64 backlight LCD.
Real-time display of relevant parameters of network.
Visual display of preset parameters
VII. Data management
Based onWINDOW200 operating platform, communication data can automatically generate reports, curves and bar charts.

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