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Electromagnetic Energy-saving
Intelligent electromagnetic heating controller
Model Number:   A02
Industrial Standard:  
    Product Information

Specifications of electromagnetic heating control panel
 Product specification: HRT-GEPF 1.5-35KW
 Rated voltage: AC 220V/380V
 Rated frequency: 50HZ
 Voltage range: 220V~440V
 Rated power: 1.5-35KW
 Environment adaptability
●Temperature: -20~70
 Humidity: ≤95%
 General description of basic features
 Current and voltage characteristics: 208-270V constant power output, <208V constant current output;
 Thermal efficiency ≥95%, energy saving rate ≥30%
 IGBT overheat protection temperature: 95±5
 Operating frequency: 20-25KHz
 Operation mode: continuous heating
 Full bridge/semi bridge system
 Surge protection: 1500V
 Anticlutter: 4000V
 Soft start/stop mode
 Heating coil short circuit protection
 Several coils with a superposed power of 80KW or above can operate without interfering with each other
 Mean time to failure is 10,000h or longer
 Scope of application
Injection moulding machine, pelletizer, blow molding machine, drawing machine, film blowing machine, extruder, vulcanizer, printer, oil pipe line, steam boiler, heat transfer oil boiler, hot water boiler, pharmaceutical heater, heating boiler, plastic dryer and ironing boiler energy saving equipment.

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