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Electromagnetic Energy-saving
Cases of Electromagnetic Energy-saving Modification
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 Power-saving Principle of Electromagnetic Heating
The current plastic machinery in the market is usually heated by heater band. Heat is conducted to the charging barrel through contact conduction. Only the heat close to the inside surface of the barrel can be conducted to the barrel and the heat on the outside is mostly lost into the air. The thermal conduction loss rises environment temperature. Another disadvantage of resistant heating is the low power density, so it cannot be used in occasions when high temperature is needed. Electromagnetic heating is to make metal barrel heat by itself, and the barrel outside can be wrapped with some thermal insulation materials according to specific circumstances, thus the heat loss is greatly reduced, and thermal efficiency is improved, and power saving effect is significant (saving 30% to 80% of power).

Electromagnetic heating system consists of two parts: electromagnetic heating controller and induction coil. Through electromagnetic heating controller, power of the original machine controlled by temperature (heating output contactor or solid state relay output) transforms 50HZ AC rectifier and filter into DC, which is transformed into 18-24KHZ high-frequency current through PWM control circuit; the high-frequency current acts on the barrel through the insulation material and makes the barrel self heat through electromagnetic induction. Or, power can be directly put into the electromagnetic heating controller, which can be directly controlled by the original thermal regulator.
HRT, one of the earliest enterprises specializing in research and development of electromagnetic heating technology, is dedicated to the industrial application of electromagnetic heating. With rich and valuable experience and a dozen times of product updating, HRT has grown into a reliable supplier of electromagnetic heating control panels, which adopt industrial components and meet industrial standards. The products are widely used in energy-saving modification of plastic wire drawing, film blowing, pelletizing, injection molding machines, and heating of oil pipelines, cable production extruders, extrusion machines, thermoplastic pipes and profiles. More than 800 businesses and individuals are using HRT products.
 Advantages of Electromagnetic Heating Control Panels in the Application of Heating System of Injection Molding Machines
Taking injection molding machine for example, electromagnetic heating can not only substitute the existing conventional thermal resistance heating but also has many obvious advantages, such as: 1. Save energy and reduce environment temperature; 2. Quick heating, real-time and accurate temperature control; 3. Long service life, easy maintenance; 4. High power; 5. Safe and reliable.
 Save energy and reduce environment temperature. The charging barrels of current plastic machinery in the market are usually heated by conventional heater band. Heat is conducted to the charging barrel through contact conduction. Only the heat close to the heating coil on the surface of the barrel can be conducted to the barrel and the heat on the outside is mostly lost into the air. The thermal conduction loss rises environment temperature. But when using electromagnetic induction heating, the heating coil and the barrel are not directly contacted and the metal barrel is heated by itself through magnetic field line; in addition, the barrel outside is wrapped with thermal insulation materials to reduce heat conduction loss, so that the environment temperature will not be raised much. According to experiment and comparison before and after modification, power is saved by 30% to 80%, and the power saving effect is more significant when the control panel is used in high-power injection molding machines.
 Quick heating, real-time and accurate temperature control. Electromagnetic heating technology makes the metal barrel heat by itself through magnetic field lines. The heat energy is integrally generated by the metal of the barrel; temperature is controlled accurately, and temperature inside and outside the barrel are the same; therefore, the product quality is greatly improved and productivity increased.
 Long service life, easy maintenance. Traditional electric heating adopts resistance wire to heat, and the wire will be oxidized when used at high temperature for a long time and its service life will be shortened. The electromagnetic heating coil itself does not heat, and it is enwound by insulation materials and high temperature electric wire, so it has long service life and no need of much maintenance.
 High power. As the electromagnetic heating technology develops, and production workmanship of components improves, plus the reliable protection of software, at present the power can reach to 1.5-35KW.
 Safe and reliable. Using electromagnetic induction heating, the surface temperature of the machine can be reduced and so it can be touched by human body, avoiding burn and scald injury caused by conventional heating and guaranteeing production safety. Electromagnetic radiation intensity is only 1% of that of mobile phones and harmless to human body.
 Application of Electromagnetic Heating Panels
 Plastics and rubber industry: Plastic film blowing machines, wire drawing machines, injection molding machines, rubber extruders, curing presses, cable production extruders.
 Pharmaceutical and chemical industries: Pharmaceutical infusion bags, plastic equipment production lines, chemical liquid heating and transportation pipelines.
 Energy, food industry: Heating of crude oil pipelines; food equipment and drying machines that require electrical heating.
 Mechanism of high-power commercial induction cookers, high-power electric water heaters.
 Building materials industry: Gas production lines, plastic pipe production lines, PE plastic rigid flat nets, geonet units, automatic blow molding machines, PE honeycomb plate production lines, single-/double-wall corrugated pipe extrusion production lines, composite bubble film units, PVC hard tubes, foam core pipe production lines, PP transparent sheet extrusion production lines, PS extrusion foam pipes, PE wound film units.
 Drying and heating of printing equipment.
 Heating in other similar industries.

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